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From business advisers and academic professors to tutors and personal health experts, we cover all major course categories on Zeqr.

Whether you’re seeking knowledge or if you’re an Xpert who’s into knowledge sharing, we at Zeqr have many course categories to choose from - just to help you start ASAP!

For a full list of all sub-categories, just click on one of the 9 main categories of your interest, and a drop-down list of related course categories will show up.

As a platform that wants to help share knowledge online, Zeqr has a list of course categories that is always expanding. Know that even if you’re unable to find your desired e-learning class topic, make sure you request your very own class!

With over 100 course categories, Zeqr lets you share knowledge online for just about any topic of interest. Go through the most popular categories and find available classes now!

Want to learn with Zeqr?

Experts on Zeqr offer guidance on more than 100 subjects. From small business coaching to marketing consulting to personal development, you can certainly find an expert who can help you achieve your goals. Schedule a session and prepare for an entirely new online learning experience.

On our e-learning platform, you can connect to an expert after choosing your desired course category for a live one-to-one or one-to-many session. You are able to ask questions. The ROI for each hour you put in is higher than ever before.

How do I start e-learning with Zeqr?

From world-renowned to the lesser-known, yet highly established experts, each one has a unique set of skills and insights to share. Experts underestimate their skills. It’s not intuitive to assign a high value to something that comes easy to you. However, your years of experience and vast knowledge of a certain subject - business, marketing, math or any other field can be of enormous help to those with less experience.

You can zero in on specific problems, intuitively recognize patterns in any given context and have an innate passion for the subject you’re most interested in - this ability cannot be replaced in an essay or speech.

An hour of your personal attention can save someone 10 hours of self-directed e-learning.

With Zeqr, you can also have a more personal approach with each of your classes, because there are almost no limitations whatsoever, as far as obeying strict guidelines to posting classes to appropriate course categories goes. It’s an often occurrence to see a class posted without the Xpert taking close attention at the wide number of course categories we have in offer.

There is also an easy to spot mismatch between the effort Xperts need to put in to consult and the benefits our wide number of Zeqrs get.

We built Zeqr not just to satisfy the requirement for multiple course categories, but to also connect knowledge seekers with otherwise hard to reach experts. We even offer training courses that will show you how to share knowledge with others!


  4 months ago
  Duration: 15min

This class will take you through the Zeqr platform using our Screen Sharing tool and will aim to deepen your understanding of Zeqr and it's features.

Your contribution to our knowledge sharing platform is more than welcome. You can either join and share knowledge on one of our many popular course categories or start a new one whenever you’re ready!