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From business advisers and academic professors to tutors and personal health experts, everyone has an opportunity to share knowledge at zeqr.

Whether you’re seeking knowledge or if you’re an Xpert who’s into knowledge sharing, we at Zeqr have the class category for you that will help you start right away!

Want to learn?

Experts on Zeqr offer guidance on more than 100 subjects. From small business coaching to marketing consulting to personal development, you can certainly find an expert who can help you achieve your goals. Schedule a session and prepare for an entirely new online learning experience.

Online learning has been historically associated with MOOCs. This format has one big flaw: the expert is not really with you.

This format is efficient for the tutor, not for the learner. The tutor can lecture to thousands but the listeners are left short-handed, often with many unanswered questions. A learner can’t probe or challenge the instructor. They have to resolve doubts on their own.

With Zeqr, we turned the online learning concept on its head. Here, you can connect to an expert for a live one-to-one or one-to-many session. You are able to ask questions. The ROI for each hour you put in is higher.

This is the key trait of achievers: being strategic about investing time. It’s what allows them to be 10 times more productive. Although we all share the same 24 hours a day, the person who uses them wisely is truly the most successful.

Save hours of misdirected research and get guidance from a Zeqr expert to get ahead.

Want to teach?

From world-renowned to the lesser-known, yet highly established experts, each one has a unique set of skills and insights to share. Experts underestimate their skills. It’s not intuitive to assign a high value to something that comes easy to you. However, your years of experience and vast knowledge of a certain subject - business, marketing, math or any other field can be of enormous help to those with less experience.

You can zero in on specific problems, intuitively recognize patterns in any given context and have an innate passion for the subject you’re most interested in - this ability cannot be replaced in an essay or speech.

An hour of your personal attention can save someone 10 hours of self-directed online learning.

With Zeqr, you can also have a more personal approach with each of your classes, because there are almost no limitations whatsoever, as far as obeying strict guidelines goes.

There is a mismatch between the effort you need to put in to consult and the benefit your listener gets.

We built Zeqr to connect Zeqrs (knowledge seekers) with otherwise hard to reach experts. Your contribution is welcomed. You can either join one of the popular categories or start a new one whenever you’re ready to share knowledge.