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Create e-learning videos and boost your freelancing business

In today’s times, we should be aware of the significance of learning, not to mention what happens when we close our minds and restrict ourselves from experiencing new things.

Our mission is to make knowledge sharing and e-learning a better experience.

albert einstein learning quote

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

– Albert Einstein

Topics covered:

Why e-learning?

  • Freedom to fail – E-learning allows you to fail tests and homework assignments without any fear. This encourages people to explore and test multiple ideas. With the right feedback from your online tutor, you can create an amazing environment for learning new skills. The best part about it is you can start over at any time.
  • Personalized learning – Knowledge seekers want to be in control. Something that regular classroom learning doesn’t have is allowing students to be in control over what they wish to learn and whose classes they want to listen to. E-learning platforms allow personalized online courses through one-on-one sessions.
  • Real-time access – Both live learning courses and downloadable video courses allow you access to every file, project, or homework assignment at anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to catch up with your course even without Internet access.

E-learning vs traditional learning

E-learning Traditional learning
Highly educated tutors or instructors that are more suitable to focus on individuals or small groups Highly educated tutors or instructors that are skilled to spread knowledge to larger groups or a community
Usually a one instructor - one learner principle, creating more space and freedom for engaging in the learning process Often larger groups or classroom organized lessons and classes, making it easier to implement teamwork
Learner-centered process that makes the learner a top priority Instructor-centered process that makes the learner neglected and confused at times
Suitable for more precise, concise and wide topics, lessons, and courses Convenient for collaborative and complex topics
Develops creative thinking and independency Motivating through group assignments and homework

The benefits of learning online

  • CONVENIENCE – There is no doubt that e-learning is famous because of its convenience and flexibility. You can easily start learning wherever and whenever. Starting your online learning journey is as easy as reading some articles, looking through infographics or even watching videos. You’ll also enjoy a more comfortable learning environment.
  • AVAILABILITY – E-learning is not only that easy, but it is also ALWAYS available to anyone with an Internet connection - which is nowadays available to roughly 60% of the global population.
  • TIME – It is no secret that with the right e-learning strategies, you can save a lot of time with ease! With different tutors, you can boost your productivity and learn new and useful skills with Zeqr’s courses in a short amount of time.
  • QUALITY – With the right attitude, diverse sources and a growth mindset, e-learning is the perfect way to reach a whole new level. It goes without doubt that you can learn new things and be efficient at the same time!

How to become an Xpert

The range of opportunities for Xperts is vast on Zeqr. Our e-learning platform aims to connect people interested in similar ideas and provide them with all the tools necessary for a unique live knowledge sharing experience, including built-in video calling and screen sharing functions.

Zeqr’s mission is to grow and provide people all across the globe with new learning opportunities through real-time exchange of knowledge in ways they’ve never experienced before. We have a vision of creating a dramatically more knowledgeable and better-informed world by revolutionizing how knowledge and information are shared.

We at Zeqr are looking for motivated people who will be as invested in our mission and vision as we are.

What does it take to become an Xpert?

  • Generosity – Besides having adequate knowledge, Xperts need to be ready to selflessly share what they know
  • A communicative mindset – Although our Xperts need to be professional, they also need to be sociable and show a kind and friendly relationship with their students
  • Confidence – With good conviction skills, Xperts can share knowledge on any topic of interest whatsoever. This boosts the quality of an online class like nothing else
  • Open-mindedness – Both Zeqrs and Xperts should be aware that constant learning is important. Being open for changes to tutoring methods is crucial for any Xpert.


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