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We’re so glad to see you on our exciting new platform that aims to revolutionize how knowledge is shared around the world. You may have questions about how Zeqr works, and about some of our terminology and processes. We’ve put together answers to some of the frequently asked questions to get you started. If you haven’t signed up already, don’t forget to join today.

Zeqr is a marketplace that facilitates knowledge exchange.

Xperts, people or businesses selling knowledge, offer classes based on their expertise at an hourly rate, class length, and the maximum number of participants that is determined by them.

Zeqrs, those seeking knowledge, are enabled to find the xperts, classes, schedules, rates, etc. that best fit their individual needs. Classes are listed by categories and they can also be browsed using the search function, with numerous filters available.

The exchange of money and knowledge happens between the Xpert and the Zeqr. Zeqr Ltd. is only an intermediary that makes a small percentage of the transaction as the facilitator.

Zeqrs are those eager to become better informed and more knowledgeable on the Zeqr platform, ranging from people who want to learn a new language and those looking to start a small business, to people and companies looking for expertise and advice to help them grow their existing business. You can learn more on the Become a Zeqr page.

There are many benefits of becoming a Zeqr – here are just a few:

  • More personalized learning experiences with better ways to learn
  • Access to expertise on almost any topic
  • The ability to expand your knowledge base, learn new skills, or get guidance
  • Flexibility to learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.
  • Xperts from around the world ready to share their knowledge with you

Learn more on the Become a Zeqr page.

Xperts on Zeqr include peer-to-peer mentors, educators, consultants, advisors, teachers, businesses – essentially all those who can sell their insights, experience, knowledge and skills on the Zeqr platform. Learn more on the Become an Xpert page.

Here are just several benefits of being an Xpert:

  • Personalized learning experiences with better ways to educate and share
  • Set your own schedule
  • Set your own prices
  • Develop a new source of income
  • Reach new people and grow both your network and your income

Learn more on the Become an Xpert page.

No, Xperts are not employees of Zeqr. Zeqr Ltd is a marketplace that provides the structure and tools needed for Xperts and Zeqrs to meet and share knowledge.

Joining Zeqr is completely free! You have the option of choosing between three different plans: Free User, Xpert Premium Monthly, and Xpert Premium Yearly. Through Xpert Premium Monthly and Xpert Premium Yearly, users have the advantages of lower commission rates, a more profound presence on Zeqr through badges and featured classes, and numerous other benefits. You can learn more about the different plans here: Premium Plans.

The idea for Zeqr arose from the difficulty in finding alternatives to the traditional educational and training resources.

  • Traditional educational and training resources have a long turnaround time from searching for training, to the actual classes or courses, and to the finalization of the education. This is impeding many, as they struggle to find the time and resources needed to complete this process.
  • Every year millions across the globe seek ways in which to improve themselves through gaining knowledge and furthering their education, but in addition to the above issues, the cost of education and training is far too high for many to afford. Consequently, they remain stuck, even though they have the will and want to do better.
  • Traditional educational and training resources also have the impediment of nearly always being of the one-size-fits-all approach, when, in reality, each individual has different needs in terms of starting points, learning style, time availability, etc., and the options these institutions offer do not cater to the needs of individuals.
  • The freelancing market is burgeoning across the globe, but many freelancers lack the proper tools to be connected to those who need their services. These people need the opportunity to open up this untapped knowledge base so they can share this knowledge with other people throughout the world.

Zeqr is a unique platform focused on facilitating the exchange of knowledge. The goal of the marketplace is to connect people who want to impart knowledge with those who are seeking it.

All Zeqr accounts are the same – everyone receives the same advantages no matter the skill or knowledge level.

Xperts, however, have different options when it comes to their plans. Premium users have the advantages of lower commission rates, a more profound presence on Zeqr through badges and featured classes, and numerous other benefits. You can learn more about Premium plans here: Premium Plans.

  1. We have a built-in review system where all users can report other users for abuse or any other issues.
  2. We don't tolerate any form of obscenity or nudity.
  3. All complaints are taken seriously and all breaches of our Terms and Conditions will be reported to the authorities. Please contact [email protected] when needed.

You can definitely grow your business with Zeqr – either as an Xpert or a Zeqr, or both!

As an Xpert, you can register as your business and sell your team’s acumen through classes and/or job listings (requested classes). As a Zeqr, you can find Xperts to help you in areas that you need assistance in to further grow your business.

Classes vary in cost. The price of a class is determined by the Xpert posting the class – it will vary mostly based on level of expertise and the length of the class.

There are several ways to earn money as an Xpert. One way is to provide classes to Zeqrs based on your expertise. Another way is to submit proposals to Zeqrs who have posted a need for expertise - a class request. To be successful in these two ways, it is important to ensure that you are timely in your communication, provide valuable knowledge and information to Zeqrs, and only take on what you have the time and ability to complete at the best possible quality possible – these elements will help you receive high ratings and, consequently, be more sought after as an Xpert.

For a free plan, Xperts are only required to pay 20% commission, which is automatically deducted. Premium Plans are $30 per month, with commission reduced to 17% and a multitude of additional benefits. You can learn more about the Premium plans here: Premium Plans.

The fee for choosing to have your class featured on Zeqr is $10. Featured classes show up on the homepage and on top of all search results.

Knowledge on Zeqr is provided through Xperts’ class offerings and class requests made by Zeqrs. Classes may be one-to-many Zeqrs, one-to-several Zeqrs, or one-on-one. Jobs are typically one-on-one, with Zeqrs seeking out those with expertise on a specific topic.

The ability for Xperts and Zeqrs to connect via voice and video calls, together with the screen sharing feature, is necessary to get the most out of Zeqr. For this reason, we’re committed to providing our users with the highest quality communication solutions.

Here are just a few things you should know to understand how important this is to us:

  • Zeqr Support will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week via both email and chat
  • Internet video and voice calls have proven to be more reliable and of higher quality than cell phone or landline communication
  • Our voice and video distribution network has 14 datacenters worldwide to support customers’ needs
  • In order to prevent voice and video issues, our network includes features such as automatic reconnection, audio fallback, and scalable video streams