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Networking Mastery - How to Be Memorable at ANY Live Event, Business Business Development

Networking Mastery - How to Be Memorable at ANY Live Event
By: Bobby Umar

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  •    DURATION: 1h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Business Development

Online Course Description

Ever been to a live event -- conference, business networking event, lunch or breakfast event, evening social -- and was truly amazed by some memorable person? Do you notice that most events have 3-5 people who end up being the most memorable in the room or during the evening? Then THIS training is for you. I am delivering one of my signature trainings, and most requested, on how to stand out. If you want to be among the most memorable in the room, or at least among the top 5, join me as I share some 10 strategies and tactics to get you noticed and get people talking about you. We’re going to be diving deep into: - How to unlock the POWER of Memorable Networking so that you ALWAYS have better follow-ups, connections and leads:. - How to work a live event and be one of the TOP 5 most memorable people for EVERYONE in the room, whichever room you are in. - How to be among the ones who are confidently and, in actuality, leveraging connections for desired results. - Building personal momentum for you, whether it's career growth, business transactions or even building a solid network. You'll also learn - How to maximize the first impression. - How to actually get people to come talk to you. - How to create a strong physical presence. - How to plant the positive memory of you into new connections.


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Networking Mastery - How to Be Memorable at ANY Live Event

Business Business Development