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Strategy Implementation Challenge, Business Business Advice

Strategy Implementation Challenge
By: Robin Speculand

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  •    DURATION: 1h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Business Advice

Online Course Description

In this engaging and rich session I share with you what it takes to overcome the strategy implementation challenge. Companies worldwide recognize that their current leaders who attended university to earn a business degree were taught strategy but not strategy implementation. Business schools, for example, employ a strategy professor but rarely an implementation professor. Students may have attended a module on operations management or change management, but this is different than strategy implementation. As a result, a critical gap exists today between strategy and its implementation. When leaders are asked to implement a strategy, they do not have the full skill set. This seminar addresses this gap. Taking a new strategy into the whole organization and executing it sets up a tougher challenge than most leaders anticipate. Too many leaders can more easily recall an implementation that failed than one that succeeded. The only way, however, to know if you have the right strategy is to implement it. It’s assumed to be a good strategy, as no leadership team walks into a conference room and declares, ‘‘Let’s create a bad strategy!’’ So at the launch, every member of that team thinks the strategy is great. But only when a successful implementation follows can this team be proven right. Strategy is about making the right choices; implementation is about taking the right actions. Therefore, successful implementation depends on people taking the right actions. Session Outline • Why strategy implementation is one of today’s hottest leadership topics • What it takes to execute using the Implementation Compass™ framework • Learning how to identify and take the right actions • Tips and tools for your success


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Strategy Implementation Challenge

Business Business Advice