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Dating Expectations
By: Kelly Seal

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Online Course Description

Dating can sometimes feel like you’re riding a roller coaster. It’s fast, it’s nerve-wracking and at some point you just want to get off! For so many women, dating has become more like a race than a pursuit of love. You don’t want just any man – you want to find the right one. But you have to sort through all the “bad” ones to get to him! It can feel exhausting. You swipe through countless pictures on dating apps, search through online profiles, connect with Facebook friends-of-friends-of-friends, Twitter followers, or even try a head-spinning four-minute speed date. If a man doesn’t seem good-looking enough, or tall enough, or funny enough from a first impression, it’s on to the next! While riding this kind of dating roller coaster may seem to be the best and fastest way to meet the right person, it doesn’t work. There is, however, a better way. Join a one hour consultation with me as we explore the concepts from my new book: Date Expectations – A Guide To Changing Your Dating Life And Finding Real Love. I will teach you how such anxious searching actually works against you. I will explain several techniques to help you slow down your search and see how your subconscious habits create barriers to finding the right man, and having a shot at real love. You’ll learn the keys to more effective communication, which is at the very heart of meeting new people and relationship building. Date Expectations shows how you can shift your perspective in order to make finding that special someone not only more enjoyable, but significantly more possible. Join a one hour consultation with me now!


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Dating Expectations

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