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Connecting sales to business systems close the marketing alignment strategies., Business Strategy & Planning

Connecting sales to business systems close the marketing alignment strategies.
By: Craig Conlee

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  •    DURATION: 4h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  CATEGORY: Strategy & Planning

Online Course Description

If you look at a typical day in the life of your employees, your engineering team handles technical problems round the clock and your managerial team handles the decision making throughout the day. But if you look at the life of your sales team who spend most of their time running between clients, you will realize that they spend most of their time on data entry instead of spending it on actual sales interaction. Customer Relationship Management systems are designed to help close more sales, but, for all of that money (and time and training spent implementing those expensive systems) companies still lose billions in sales due to inefficient data entry by their sales reps into their customer relationship management systems. These systems, for all of their power, intelligence, and potential, are only as good as the over worked, stressed out, frustrated rep who has to fill out data fields, forms, and the likes in-between calls, or worse, on Sunday evening after a week has passed between the call and the record. Garbage-in, always equal’s, garbage-out. The companies know they need this data, managers know they are getting bad data, and sales reps grow more and more frustrated with the hassle of it. Having personally faced this problem with the customer relationship management tool, Craig Conlee, who had been selling software for over 17 years, decided to create the app that he needed the most. Craig Conlee will help you learn about sales acceleration tools that leverages key technical innovations on how sales and marketing interact, measure, and learn through a one-stop-shop messaging tool.


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Connecting sales to business systems close the marketing alignment strategies.

Business Strategy & Planning