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How to Manifest More Money, Lifestyle Personal Finance

How to Manifest More Money
By: Shakaya Leone

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  •    DURATION: 2h 00min
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Online Course Description

The biggest LIE about the TRUE nature of Wealth (Money isn’t what you think it is!) What Manifestation really is and how to do it The 1 simple step you can take each day to attract an overflow of money– starting right NOW The Top money mishaps MOST women make and what you must know to avoid them if you want to see your bank balance grow … A simple but profound shift that will take you out of struggle and into a Wealthy Woman mindset The 2 most damaging patterns that blocks the flow of Receiving and how to release them How to instantly raise your vibration when it comes to Money and Wealth My TOP 3 MONEY RULES that have got me where I am today How to stop feeling guilty like you are ‘taking’ from others when they pay or gift you money 2 powerful tools to help you stop OVER-SPENDING that are fun and effective even if your willpower is weak How to know what are your main MONEY LEAKS and how to stop them from draining you How to experience PLEASURE instead of Fear when you think about or spend Money The top 25 ways to have more money THIS month without working harder Feminine secrets to becoming magnetic to high-paying clients How to stop pushing Money away and Activate your Divine Feminine birthrite of Receiving How to spend your paycheck in a way that will help you get ahead The real cause of DEBT and how to free yourself from it 3 Rich habits of Wealthy Women that you can practice today


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How to Manifest More Money

Lifestyle Personal Finance