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Brojo Workshop: The N3XT Level of Confidence , Lifestyle Personal Transformation

Brojo Workshop: The N3XT Level of Confidence
By: Daniel Munro

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  •    DURATION: 2h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Personal Transformation

Online Course Description

I’ve broken down the concept of confidence into practical, measurable steps that incorporate your core values into a confidence blueprint called The 3X Model This will be delivered through an interactive 6-part workshop that will take your confidence to the N3xt Level and beyond. If you’re interested, check out the video and details here: If you’re bold. If you’re open. If you’re prepared to be honest with yourself. I’m going to break self-confidence down for you, step by step. This is the next level for people who have come to realize that wealth, validation and appearance do not guarantee confidence, and want something deeper. If you’re prepared to become a boldly, confident social leader - and nothing less – the N3XT LEVEL workshop is for you. WHAT WILL YOU GET? You'll learn, in detail, the 6 principle values of confidence, and how to live by them, You'll be given practical daily exercises and behavioral habits that will increase confidence in health, wealth and relationships. You'll design a game-changing morning routine that brings out your best every day. You'll learn how to structure how you reveal the truth about yourself to achieve powerful shamelessness. You'll discover how to blast through fear by accepting worst-case scenariosand breaking them down into manageable parts. You'll start choosing Hell Yes decisions only, no more procrastination mediocrity. You'll create Reality Check moments that stop you from attaching to anything unhelpful, like negative thinking. And you'll develop effective, brain-pattern improving journaling techniques to stop worrying what others think of you. This workshop is not for the timid, it’s for people ready to completely redesign their life to make building confidence the #1 priority. If that’s you, join us. You won't regret it.


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  • Prior to session, Daniel Munro will provide list of resources and materials needed to prepare for session
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Brojo Workshop: The N3XT Level of Confidence

Lifestyle Personal Transformation