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Ionic Framework Basics
By: Samarth Agarwal


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  •    DURATION: 2h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Mobile Development

Online Course Description

Want to build a mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows? Start learning Ionic Framework and build your first app. Ionic is an easy, free, beautiful and open source mobile software development kit for building native and progressive web applications. It offers the best web and native components for building highly interactive applications. Know how to build websites? Then you already know how to build mobile apps. Now develop apps using the web skills that you already have in lesser time. Ionic Framework is licensed under MIT. It will always be free to use, powered by a massive world-wide community. In this class, you will learn the following. -Installing required tools and packages. -Installing Ionic and Cordova. -Creating your first Ionic App. -Running Ionic Apps in Browser and Emulator. -Running Ionic Apps on Android Devices. -Ionic Files and Folder Structure. -Basic Ionic Components. -Building the UI of an App -Creating Logic in the App -Building a Weather App At the end of this class, you will be confident enough to build a complete Ionic App on your own. You will want to learn more about Ionic and build complex apps that are more challenging.


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Ionic Framework Basics

Online Live Training
Samarth Agarwal profile image

Samarth Agarwal

India | Member since May 15, 2017
I am an Engineer (CS) by qualification, Application developer ( Mobile and Windows) by Profession. Journey started 6 years ago. I have gained a lot of experience in building Cross Platform Mobile Apps using Ionic Framework, Cordova, JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript. I am a NodeJS enthusiast and built quite a few projects. I have been training students and IT professionals over Internet for more than 2 years. And currently have a base of about 5000 students around the world through various platforms. Want to learn from me? Let's get started.
Android App Development C# .net JavaScript + jQuery + Ajax Mobile Application Development Sql AngularJS Angular

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Ionic Framework Basics

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Want to build a mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows? Start learning Ionic Framework and build your first app. Ionic is an easy, free, beautiful and open sou...

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