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Coaching for Implementing Integral Innovation in Business, Business Business Coach & Mentor

Coaching for Implementing Integral Innovation in Business
By: George Bragadireanu

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  •    DURATION: 1h 15min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Business Coach & Mentor

Online Course Description

15' introduction, knowing each other. 1h pure coaching on an innovation related issue of your own. Advice/ mentoring upon your request. It suits you best when you want to know: How to ensure a successful entering of a new market through innovating How to tap into the new opportunities through innovating How to tap into key innovation capabilities of your employees How to best match the consumption shifts of your clients How to remain disruptive despite governmental over-regulation How to remain disruptive despite geopolitical uncertainty How to create new value through innovative ways How not to miss the opportunities following your investments in innovation capacity How to use cultural differences to help you progress in innovation How not to fall short in the face of business cycles speeding up How to be satisfied with your innovation performance How to setup a strong pipeline of profitable innovation How to get closer to the 8 essentials of innovation How to provide your big company with the agility of a startup How to make your employees think like innovators How to cascade a sharp, shared definition of innovation in your company How to implement an innovation-friendly management process


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Coaching for Implementing Integral Innovation in Business

Business Business Coach & Mentor