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Part 3 : Introducing Neural Networks, Multi Layer Perception, Technology Artifical Intelligence

Part 3 : Introducing Neural Networks, Multi Layer Perception
By: Ouail Bendidi

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  •    DURATION: 3h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Artifical Intelligence

Online Course Description

In this 3rd Class we are Finally ready to start working on Neural Networks, we will be introducing the famous Multi Layer Perception Neural network , and use it for Classification and Regression. At the end of this class you will be able to use a Multi Layer Perception to detect objects/people/faces in Images , to predict Real estate price changes, and a lot of other stuff , only your imagination (and required data for training ) will be the limit :)


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Part 3 : Introducing Neural Networks, Multi Layer Perception

Technology Artifical Intelligence