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Federal trademark registrations, Business Expanding into new markets

Federal trademark registrations
By: James Lindon Ph.D, J.D.

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  •    DURATION: 1h 00min
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  •  CATEGORY: Expanding into new markets

Online Course Description

Federal trademark registrations are the best value in all of intellectual property. The marks tend to increase in value over time when used properly and consistently. Damages can be collected for infringement even when it is difficult to show that the infringement actually caused economic damage. With the growth of internet sales and expansion, federal trademarks are more important than ever. Requirements of use, specimen, and potential consumer confusion are critical in identifying the trademarkFederal trademark registrationss to be protected.

Advantages of Federal Trademark Registration

Before Trial

  • Constructive Notice
  • Actual Notice  
  • Exclusivity  
  • Protection for Descriptive Trademarks  
  • United States Priority  
  • Use of the Registered Trademark Symbol ®  
  • Stop Cybersquatters  

At Trial

  • Access to Federal Court  
  • Presumption of Validity  
  • Presumption of Ownership  
  • Presumption of Exclusive Rights in Trademark  
  • Presumed Not Abandoned  
  • Incontestable

After Trial

  • Defendant’s profits from using the mark
  • Plaintiff’s actual damages and losses
  • Plaintiff’s lost profits
  • Up to three times the actual damages shown above
  • An increase of the award of profits if the court determines the award is inadequate
  • Punitive damages
  • Recovery of attorney fees
  • Lawsuits you never had to fight



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Federal trademark registrations

Business Expanding into new markets