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Learn to play and enjoy your guitar—for adult beginners and novices
By: Peter Roberts


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  •    DURATION: 30min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Musical instruments

Online Course Description

This is a class held live between you and me. The guitar is a sociable instrument and my teaching method is to start you singing simple songs and strumming on the guitar to accompany yourself. So it's best if you can sing a little bit. That's what the guitar is—you play it to entertain yourself and to entertain others. I'll supply the music for you to use, in the course notes or you can suggest tunes you'd like to play. You can download them easily. I have played the guitar for over sixty years and have taught it for over twenty years. So I can play and I can teach. Most people pick it up OK; every now and again I get a pupil who is a 'natural' and becomes very good - that could be you! You won't know until you try. If you want to learn to play and sing and be popular with everyone, then sign up for this course. If you want to learn how to enjoy your guitar and feel comfortable with it, then sign up for this course. You will need regular lessons, fairly close together at first - say weekly - but later they can be well spaced out as you learn to study and progress alone. I'll teach you how to play the chords, how to strum attractive rhythms and some basic fingerstyle plucking. So you'll be a good guitarist if you continue to work with me. I can assure you that you will make rapid progress - that's my method. Playing the guitar will change your life. I started when I was fourteen and now I'm seventy-five and still love playing. You'll love it too.


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Learn to play and enjoy your guitar—for adult beginners and novices

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Peter Roberts profile image

Peter Roberts

Macclesfield | Member since June 04, 2017
Hi, I am offering a guitar course for adults. I aim to teach absolute beginners and novices who have tried to start playing but not made the progress they hoped for. If it's an experienced tutor you want, then please note that I have played for 60 years and taught for 20 and have played the piano and keyboard over that period as well. The keyboard is a useful instrument for demonstrating the construction of chords to guitarists and I'll sometimes use mine for that purpose. When I was in my teens I played in a rock and roll band, and later in a dance orchestra but mostly I have played for myself and my family and friends. I am certain that I can get you going at least to the point where you can continue on your own if you want to. Or we can continue together as long as you feel it is worthwhile and you are making the progress you want. Mostly, it should be fun to learn and even more fun to play and sing. That's the experience you will have with me. It's most likely that a class of half an hour would be best, so at a charge rate of $50/hour, each class will cost you $25. But the length and frequency of classes are ultimately up to you—you can decide that as you go along.
Guitar Instructor

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This is a class held live between you and me. The guitar is a sociable instrument and my teaching method is to start you singing simple songs and strumming on t...

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