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Ethical Hacking
By: sathish kumar


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  •    DURATION: 8h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Information Security

Online Course Description


Hungry for getting a grip over Hacking???Then you’re indeed at the right Place. Hacking isn’t a rocket science nor is it bad!! Anyone can learn it. The workshop is all about exploiting the internet and exciting demonstrations will be shown. The world around you gives very little opportunity to learn these skills as they are expensive, Eg. It costs 40,000 INR for just 20 hrs yet they let you explore the basics. Realising its importance, we’ve stretched our limits to feed you with these “sophisticated” skills. The web is in your hands!! Start Debouncing!

Topics to be covered:

Types of Hackers
Current Scenario
Getting started with cyber security
Concept of Virtualization
Setting up an hacking playground for practice
Gaining Access
Maintaining Access
Clearing Tracks
Hacking various operating systems and controlling the camera, Mic etc.
AV Evasion Techniques
Art of Social Engineering
Smartphone hacking
Metasploit framework
Exploit research
Hacking web applications
Into the Darknet & Deep Web
Concept of Bitcoins
Building a BadUSB for hacking
Wireless Hacking
Hacking IoT Devices
Countermeasures for Securing your life


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  • Moneyback guarantee

Ethical Hacking

Online Live Training
sathish kumar profile image

sathish kumar

Coimbatore Area, India | Member since June 29, 2017

Completed my diploma in Mechanical Engineering and then Bachelor degree in mechatronics. During my studies, i got inspired to learn hacking by watching the movie Die Hard 4.0. Then started exploring things by myself. While starting I struggled a lot since my background is not computer science. But I persisted and learned the basics by watching a lot of videos and reading books and off course by practising things in the virtual & real environment. I am a Certified Ethical Hacker and an Offensive Security Certified Professional. And also love to build my own hacking gadgets using open source hardware and software.

Arduino Hacking Information Security Linux Python Developer

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Information Security

Ethical Hacking

Posted 2 weeks ago

Description: Hungry for getting a grip over Hacking???Then you’re indeed at the right Place. Hacking isn’t a rocket science nor is it bad!! Anyone can learn it....


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