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How To Dance: Breakin' For Beginners - 101 Series, Other Other

How To Dance: Breakin' For Beginners - 101 Series
By: Darren R. Wong

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Online Course Description

Learn All The Fundamental Movements You Need To Start Breakin - The Right Way Discover all the tips, tricks and lessons you need to learn Breakin' quickly, safely and efficiently These workshops include: The Ultimate Warm Up The 3 Stages To Learning Any Movement Toprock Fundamentals Footwork Fundamentals Get Down Fundamentals 6 Levels Of Freezes The Ultimate Warm Up Now, I know you are excited to just get right into moving (heck that’s how I was when I first started), but I want to stress to you how important warming up is. Dancing is an athletic activity just like any sport or other recreational activity that you do. You would’t just jump into playing basketball without first warming up (well… maybe you would... but you shouldn't!), so why would you treat dancing any differently. Warming up properly before each training session will not only make your training session more enjoyable and productive, but it will save you lots of time (not to mention medical fees) in the days, even months spent recovering from an injury that could have been prevented if you had taken the time to warm up. Ok, so now that I convinced you that warming up is important (trust me I have been injured and it sucks) let me show you how to properly warm up during our workshop together The 3 Stages To Learning Any Movement Before you learn all the movements in this workshop, I want to give you a brief summary of the 3 stages you should go through to learn any movement in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible Stage 1 - “Step By Step": In the beginning stage, focus on just the steps of the movement. Don’t focus on the details quite yet, as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too much information. You most likely won't look exactly like the person you are learning from, but you will have framework for the move to build off of. Stage 2 - “Nit Picky”: Once you have the steps down (you can execute them in sequence without thinking) it’s time to focus on the details. Look at each step of a movement and pick out every little detail you can about what goes into that step of the movement. [See my post “The Step By Step Guide To Learning Any Movement” for an example of this] Stage 3 - “Deliberate Repetition”: Once you can execute the movement with perfect technique at a slow tempo, it’s time to practice the movement… a lot! Try slowly increasing the tempo at which you perform the movement BUT make sure you are deliberately doing each repetition with the perfect technique you worked so hard to attain in Stage 2. Every repletion counts, so don’t throw away your technique and start to build bad habit just to do the move faster "Practice does not make perfect… Perfect practice makes perfect” - Bruce Lee Toprock Fundamentals Alright, now it's time to learn your first movements. The first thing that you will learn is the “dance” of Breakin’... I know you want jump into those crazy moves, but trust me, this will be a good way to ease you into Breakin' and create some early confidence in your abilities and momentum to continue to train. Plus, once you master your Toprocks, you will be able to rock with the best of them and show that you truly understand that Breakin' is more than just tricks. It's still a dance. If you're not dancing, you’re not Breakin’ Toprocks are the movements that are performed from the upright, standing postion and as mentioned earlier, are a very important aspect to this dance. I have placed these in order of how I will cover each them so you can fully understand the Fundamental Toprocks *The Groove/Rock *2 Step *Transition Steps *Salsa Step/Salsa Rock *2 Step to Salsa Step/Salsa Rock Transition *Kick and Twist *2 Step to Kick and Twist Transition *Salsa Step/Salsa Rock to Kick and Twist Transition *Toprock Fundamental Steps Combo #1 *Toprock Fundamental Steps | Create Your Own Combo (CYOC) Footwork Fundamentals After you feel comfortable with your Toprocks, we will cover Footwork techniques I know this might seem a little strange, but I believe that the better understanding you have on the ground, the easier it will be to understand the Get Down Fundamentals Footwork is the movements performed on the ground in a squatting position/where your hands and feet are in contact with the ground. Footwork can seem a little intimidating at first (not to mention awkward), but I will guide you through each move to make sure you become more and more comfortable with it. *Hand Placement/Grip and Basic Positions of Footwork *Weight Changes *Monkey Swings *The Hook *Kickouts *CC's *6 Step *Footwork Fundamental Steps Combo #1 *Footwork Fundamental Steps | CYOC Get Down Fundamentals Next we will cover the Get Down Fundamentals Get Downs are the movements used most commonly used to transition from your Toprocks down to your Footwork. But… They can also be used as cool dynamic movements to add in between your Toprocks movements (A little secret I’ll let you in on) Now that you have an understanding of your body both standing upright and down on the ground, the Get Downs we cover should not give you to much trouble *Basic Drop *Basic Go Down *Basic Knee Go Down *Knee Drop *Corkscrew *Toprock to Get Down to Footwork Combo #1 *Toprock to Get Down to Footwork | CYOC 6 Levels of Freezes You now will have enough knowledge to create a whole arsenal of different combinations/sets to practice and gain confidence in your Breakin’. The final thing I will cover are Freezes As you become more advanced on your Breakin’ journey you will learn and explore the 7 levels of Breakin’ to take your dancing to the next level. But until then, we will explore the 6 Levels of Freezes that you can add into your fresh, new combinations you have The 6 Levels are: Shoulder Ground Mid Head Forearm Handstand This list is from lowest level to highest (Each one will be challenging it’s own way, so it is hard to say what the "easiest to hardest" order would be since everyone is different) *Shoulder *Pilot/Stab *Baby Freeze *Air Baby *Headstand *Forearm Freeze *Handstand *Toprock, Get Down, Footwork, Freeze Combo #1 *Toprock, Get Down, Footwork, Freeze | CYOC


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How To Dance: Breakin' For Beginners - 101 Series

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