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Meditation for Beginners - Mantra , Personal Health Meditation

Meditation for Beginners - Mantra
By: Inbar Shahar

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  •    DURATION: 45min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Meditation

Online Course Description

In this class, I will introduce you to the practice of Mantra Meditation. The word “mantra” refers to a sound, word or phrase repeated during meditation. A mantra allows you to focus your energies and expand your consciousness. The repetition of a mantra is helpful in achieving a mindful state. Mantras can serve as prayers or invocations, allowing you to send a message and positive energy into the shared consciousness. Since these meditations may include vocalizing, it is important to find a space where you feel comfortable making sounds if you wish to do so. The reverberations of the sounds through your body are a part of mantra meditation’s benefits. However, you may find that you enjoy and get more benefit from repeating the mantra within your mind. You may want to place a glass of water near you in case you need it. Now, let us begin mantra meditation!

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Meditation for Beginners - Mantra

Personal Health Meditation