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Introduction to having a Personal Growth Coach
By: Tessa Todd Morgan

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  •    DURATION: 30min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Personal Transformation

Online Course Description

Ever wanted to have a coach, but have no idea what it's about?  Take advantage of this one on one class to talk through a scenario going on in your life that you'd like to change or improve and discuss how coaching can be beneficial for you.  Tessa will support you to come up with 1-3 goals of things for you to work on during the call.  

You can check out an article Tessa was quoted in on in July 2017 here: 

Why coaching might be a good fit for you:
- Offers guidance for those desiring a change in their career path or retired individuals not knowing what is next
- Aids in improving relationships, working through challenges, forgiveness or can provide a safe place for couples or individuals to move on in a loving and healthy way
- Teaches techniques that can help you to maintain emotions when triggered by others or brought on by stress
- Reprogramming of the subconscious mind in order to break habits and make significant lasting changes
- Get to the root cause of depression and find relief to bring more joy into your life
- Helps with problem solving when facing financial stressors
- Work through forgiveness of yourself or others
- Provides direction in helping you learn how to live out your life purpose
- You have goals you want to achieve that you’ve been talking about forever, but nothing ever gets done and you are feeling stuck
- Opportunity to set up health and wellness goals and work towards building a healthier lifestyle for yourself that you stick to
- Can support weight loss & nutrition goals and can be combined with supplementation to feel great and have more energy


  • Live video call and screen sharing with Tessa Todd Morgan
  • Schedule a call at a time convenient for you
  • Prior to session you will be able to get in touch with Tessa Todd Morgan to explain your background and what you are trying to achieve
  • Prior to session, Tessa Todd Morgan will provide list of resources and materials needed to prepare for session
  • You will be able to cancel a class and get a refund up to 24h before the scheduled session
  • Moneyback guarantee

Introduction to having a Personal Growth Coach

Online Live Training
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$7.50 ($75.00)
Tessa Todd Morgan profile image

Tessa Todd Morgan

Denton | Member since June 05, 2017

See Tessa Morgan interviewed on on mindfulness in the workplace from July 2017:

Tessa Todd Morgan is a professional speaker, mindfulness expert, certified yoga instructor, personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence.

As the Founder of TRIESSENCE, Tessa has coached hundreds of individuals and organizations to achieve a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. In 2003, Tessa began in the professional speaking industry, and was privileged to work with famous keynote speakers and celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Geena Davis, Sir Ken Robinson and Suze Orman.

Today, she speaks, trains and consults professionally, coaching contributors to become leaders, and helping leaders to become steadfast, calming influencers in stressful corporate environments.

In her programs, Tessa leads people to recognize the invisible barriers that exist between them and their goals, and helps them to develop strategies for achieving those goals by recognizing and neutralizing various forms of stress.

Years after graduating from college and studying Criminal Justice and Business Management, Tessa completed a three-year leadership development program at the Center for Authentic Leadership and holds an accreditation in Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership training. Today, she helps audiences to solve the daily problems that millions of workers and leaders face every day—the inability to step “outside” their own heads and purposefully reset, renew, and re-energize themselves. Tessa also teaches yoga and effectively adapts her courses to lead large corporate audiences in learning techniques that can be used to increase productivity and reduce stress in office environments.

Employee Engagement Happiness Health, Nutrition & Fitness Motivation Motivational Personal Development Stress Relief

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