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Agile & SCRUM: Optimizing your team's workflow to be more productive
By: Benjamin Hendricks


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Online Course Description

Having worked in SCRUM teams in highly efficient and well known software organizations (Google, LinkedIn, and more), I can help any team find something they can improve in their workflow. Whether your team is big or small, if you are trying to run a team in the agile methodology with proper SCRUM roles, I can help you pinpoint soft spots in your current process and help you patch them up.


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Agile & SCRUM: Optimizing your team's workflow to be more productive

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Benjamin Hendricks

Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Member since April 21, 2017

I am a passionate software engineer with a strong technical background, with ambitions to deliver a delightful experience to as many users as possible. I started delving into mobile apps while I was still in high school, and have gotten deeper and deeper ever since. Since I started, I have built and delivered several apps, first in Objective-C but now almost exclusively in Swift. I also have strong interests in mobile in general, and have tinkered heavily with Android (was even an intern at Google on an Android component in 2013), and have spent considerable time working on mobile back ends as well (in a number of stacks, like Python with Django, LinkedIn's Java API stack, or Node.js, as well as others). I'm also a technology enthusiast, and hardware aficionado. I built my first PC at 15, and have recently upgraded to Hackintoshes and Raspberry PI experiments. At the core, though, I appreciate highly polished and well thought out products and design, which is why I am currently focusing on the Apple mobile technology ecosystem. I mainly focus on delivering value to mobile iOS users, as well as watchOS and tvOS. I typically accomplish this through product planning and ideation based on feedback from the business and/or users, as well as a thoughtful approach to the user experience being built. I also deliver long term value to the business by constantly improving the craftsmanship of the code base making up the product itself, so that users get a stable, consistent intetaction with the products built through rigorous internal testing and validation.

Backend Git Interview Coaching Ios Mobile Application Development

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