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Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs, Business Performance Management

Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs
By: Richard Heiney

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  •    DURATION: 2h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Performance Management

Online Course Description

Deciding to do something and then end up totally not doing it......

TODO list is getting larger and very little is happening around that.

Yet you probably want to have it done already. You need to have it done. You have deadlines and yet....

The list is not getting any shorter.

Isn't that weird?

You want to do your thing, you want to build up your business making everything run smoothly, and yet...things are not getting done quite as smoothly as you've envisioned...

You've probably already began to realize this is not something you can just let slip by because this is costing you much and more than just money.

As that's the case then I can tell you that this is definitely the perfect fit for you!

Procrastination is definitely a killer of success. I've learned from many ridiculously successful people and I haven't even heard of anybody becoming successful by sitting on their butt, let alone continuing to be successful.

Now, I don’t know what business you’re in but I know you’re in business to succeed. So you really can get excited because the more you realize the value of my services the more quickly you become aware of me being able to help you naturally.

You don't need to consider why this is important to you.

Try to disagree that getting things done quickly is not of utmost importance to a business person and you’ll inevitably end up agreeing that naturally completing your projects in timely fashion is the corner stone of any successful business.

Well, since we’re on the same page here and now, how does a person deal with procrastination?

There are many ways to deal with procrastination and all of them fall short of the unlimited potential of hypnosis and when you have the experience of realizing that fully you’ll naturally start thinking how else can hypnosis augment your business and life to quickly increase your bottom line.

This class is a good place to get started exploring that future of infinite possibilities.

Now, to get started is real simple, just sign up right now and I’ll hold your hand every step of the way on this hypnotic journey into your mind where you can banish procrastination forever, and believe me, you’ll be very very impressed!

Sounds fair enough?


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  • Moneyback guarantee

Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs

Business Performance Management