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Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs (1-on-1 session), Business Performance Management

Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs (1-on-1 session)
By: Richard Heiney

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  •    DURATION: 2h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Performance Management

Online Course Description

  • In less than an two hours you can kiss your procrastination goodbye
  • Unique method that over-delivers
  • A relaxing way to stop fighting yourself and getting things done


Deciding to do something and then totally end up not doing it......

TODO list is getting larger and very little is happening around that.

Constantly pushing things off?

Or do you simply want to be more efficient?


How weird is that?

You want to do your thing, you want to build up your business making everything run smoothly, and yet...things are not getting done quite as smoothly as you've envisioned...

I think it happens to everyone at some point or other.

I was the same way. I wanted to move my business to the next level, hell, even keep the same level. And yet procrastination got the better of me over and over again.

I wanted to do the things on my TODO list and I pushed them off. Some never got finished.

My business actually ended up going bankrupt. I’m not even kidding.

Of course I rationalized everything. Everything had a reason....Excuse more like...

But when the same thing started to happen to my second business I finally realized something had to be done.

Now, I’m happy to say that through a lot of struggle, and one bankrupt as I mentioned – I discovered a cure.

And this cure this is definitely the perfect fit for you!

I tried to get help. I asked my friends, I did self-help programs, got coaching – but nothing seemed to work.

I was starting to get real desperate.

Then I discovered hypnosis and my life changed for good. Once I realized it’s power and how all the problems that were weighing me down for years and some even for decades – all simply melted in the face hypnosis.

For over a year now I’ve perfected my hypnotic skills and I came up with Active Mind Hypnosis – an approach that’s virtually guarantees results, in fact I’m yet to see it fail.

Active Mind Hypnosis uses cutting edge tools and technologies in the field of hypnosis and delivers massive results in a way where you stay in control the entire time. Think of me as your guide on your journey to your unconscious where I’ll help you dissolve any obstacles that are holding you back.


This class is a good place to get started exploring your future of infinite possibilities where nothing is holding you back. I wonder how quickly can you make all the important dreams you have a reality?

Now, to get started is real simple, just sign up right now and I’ll hold your hand every step of the way on this hypnotic journey into your mind where you can banish procrastination forever, and believe me, you’ll be very very impressed!

Sounds fair enough?



  • Live video call and screen sharing with Richard Heiney
  • Schedule a call at a time convenient for you
  • Prior to session you will be able to get in touch with Richard Heiney to explain your background and what you are trying to achieve
  • Prior to session, Richard Heiney will provide list of resources and materials needed to prepare for session
  • You will be able to cancel a class and get a refund up to 24h before the scheduled session
  • Moneyback guarantee

Hypnosis: Motivation For Entrepreneurs (1-on-1 session)

Business Performance Management