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Decision Making Transformation - How to Make Decisions Without Burdening Your Mind?
By: Rose Osman


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  •    DURATION: 1h 30min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Personal Transformation

Online Course Description

Welcome to Decision Making Transformation Class. 

Do you always feel stress and anxiety in making decisions? Do you ever feel pressure with confusion and doubts? Do you feel uneasy, emotional and always making wrong decisions for yourself? Are you a person who 'just do it and deal with the consequences later?'. If you resonate to any of these, then this is the right class for you.

This is a transformational class that offers you three (3) sessions.

1) Realisation:
Understand why making decisions with your mind will reduce the capacity for analysis and constructive thinking?
Understand why making decisions with your mind is unhealthy for you.

2) Solution:
Discover how to use Body Intelligence to guide you make decisions.
Find out what is your Body Intelligence.

3) Transformation:
Technique how to use your Body Intelligence effectively. 

1) Transform your life into success, peace, satisfaction and joy.
2) Increase the frequency of your energy body and physical body.
3) Live your life with less resistance. 
4) Increase your mental capacity for analysis, conscious thinking, conceptualise and reasons. 

Please PM me your Birth data before you take this class:

- Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)

- Time of Birth (important)

- Place of Birth (City and Country)

Looking forward to seeing you in the class.


  • Live video call and screen sharing with Rose Osman
  • Schedule a call at a time convenient for you
  • Prior to session you will be able to get in touch with Rose Osman to explain your background and what you are trying to achieve
  • Prior to session, Rose Osman will provide list of resources and materials needed to prepare for session
  • You will be able to cancel a class and get a refund up to 24h before the scheduled session
  • Moneyback guarantee

Decision Making Transformation - How to Make Decisions Without Burdening Your Mind?

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