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Looking for an online tutoring job?

If you love teaching, Zeqr can help you become a successful online tutor. Work from home and earn extra money by teaching online.

Each class held by any Xpert on Zeqr comes equipped with the latest and greatest in modern day technology. With unique voice and video calling capabilities, online tutoring becomes a breeze!


How do you become an online tutor?

  • Sign up as an Xpert FOR FREE
  • Enter the required details about you and create your profile once it’s verified
  • Fill in your profile page with a brief description about yourself, a profile video, and your top Skills & Experiences
  • Create your first class on Zeqr
  • Start your first online tutoring job the right way and share your expertise with the world
  • Earn money and get rewarded for sharing knowledge

Need help kicking off your online tutoring career with Zeqr?

For the best and quickest overview of our knowledge sharing platform, please check out Zeqr’s free class on learning the basics of Zeqr and the benefits of online knowledge sharing, hosted by Estefania!


  4 months ago
  Duration: 15min

This class will take you through the Zeqr platform using our Screen Sharing tool and will aim to deepen your understanding of Zeqr and it's features.

What categories does Zeqr cover for my online tutoring jobs?

We at Zeqr worked hard on making sure that everyone looking for online tutor jobs finds their place on our platform. That is why we divided our course categories into 9 main categories and over 100 sub-categories, just to help you start ASAP!

For a full list of all categories Zeqr covers for its online tutors:

  • Visit the Categories page down below,
  • Click on one of the 9 main categories of your interest,
  • View the drop-down list of all related course sub-categories.

As a platform focused on helping everyone out there become an online tutor as soon as possible, Zeqr features an always expanding list of course categories. Know that even if people seeking knowledge on Zeqr are unable to find their desired class topic, we also added the “request your very own class” feature, so keep an eye out on that page, as well!

Benefits of becoming an online tutor on Zeqr

Like most freelance tutoring jobs out there, with Zeqr, you have the full set of advantages of becoming an online tutor on Zeqr:

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule
  • Full time and part time jobs

These advantages were also covered in-depth on our official Blog, where we shared our own infographic on the top e-learning trends for 2018, which you can check by clicking the button below. Basically speaking, both e-learning and online tutoring are covered by the same benefits, so there are actually no differences or misconceptions there.

Ready for your first online tutoring job on Zeqr?

Join the fastest growing knowledge sharing platform and start your tutoring career now! Work from home and make money with Zeqr. It’s as simple as that!