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Frumi Barr

Berkeley | Member since February 23, 2017
Dr. Frumi, the founder of Scaling 4 Growth, brings a wealth of experience from navigating the growth of the four companies she founded plus extensive educational back-ground and certifications. She has worked with executives in multinational companies, with CEOs who want to scale up their leadership skills, stalled organizations and companies not maximizing their potential. She excels at challenges and crisis situations that require initiative, creativity, leadership and collaboration and is talented in capitalizing on new opportunities and creating concepts and ideas to promote growth and successful attainment of strategic goals. As a Gazelles certified Growth Advisor, Dr. Frumi is also uniquely skilled at building effective, productive working relationships in high-stress environments and managing and communicating financial information to non-finance associates.
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Skills & Experience

Leadership - Advanced

Executive Coaching - Advanced

Communication - Advanced

Leadership - Advanced

Communications Consultant - Advanced

Posted 2 years ago

Are your startup's profits and growth not increasing as quickly as you expected? Is your team always too busy or bogged down with meetings? Is no one clearly ac...

Business Planning

Strategy: Top Line Growth

Posted 2 years ago

Strategy: Top Line Growth The four pillars of growth are people, strategy, execution and cash. If you have a good strategy, your top line revenue will reflect i...

Posted 2 years ago

The four pillars of growth are people, strategy, execution and cash. Human beings are at the heart of a growing and thriving company — they're the ones developi...

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