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Diane Darling

Boston, MA, United States | Member since March 09, 2017

Not one to be shy about challenges, Diane Darling did standup comedy in order to overcome her fear of public speaking. An adventurous soul, she once raised her hand when a magician asked for volunteers. Not knowing what was to follow, she found herself sawed in half by a chainsaw. She was beside herself. At the age of six, her family moved to Asia and thus began her interest in diverse cultures, languages, and food. Imagine the innocent voice of a child asking, “Dad, why does the Chinese babysitter not know how to play Chinese checkers?” To date she has been to all seven continents and roughly 60 countries. McGraw-Hill has published her books in seven languages which is impressive, however she only speaks English! Organizations such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, 20th Century Fox, Fidelity Investments, Cisco, and even MIT Charm School (yes there is such a thing!) have hired Diane to speak. Her talks are informative, inspirational, and witty. Today she coaches people on how to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

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Boston, MA, United States
Business Development

Intro to Mind Mapping

Posted 2 years ago

Mind mapping is a FAST way to get ideas out of your head. Especially if you're ADD or dyslexic. As an example, I use it to help people "map" their network as we...

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