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Candy Washington

West Hollywood, CA, United States | Member since March 10, 2017
Hi there! I'm Candy, a professional blogger, social media influencer, and the founder of "The Billionaire Blogger Society." "The Billionaire Blogger Society" is a supportive community of like-minded creative professionals seeking to up-level their blogs and brands to create a profitable and purposeful businesses. Join me on Zeqr for personalized, one-on-one classes to build the creative career that you deserve while doing what you love. I would be honored to be your #1 champion and coach, so let's get started now! What are you waiting for? Let's start learning today.
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West Hollywood, CA, United States
Posted 2 years ago

Want to learn a fool-proof way to get your pitch letters read and responded to? Then join me for an action packed hour of tips, tricks, and invaluable insights...

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