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Bob Choat

Granada Hills, CA | Member since March 15, 2017
My mission is to help transform executives, athletes and other performers reach higher levels. I currently work with clients across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. I will teach you how to be your best self ever using actionable lessons. I'm the founder, producer and host of The School of Transformation, founder of Optimal Life Seminars and work as a Transformational Grandmaster. I have a diverse background which includes being a serial entrepreneur, served in the U.S. Marines and the LAPD, multiple martial arts black belts, NLP Trainer, hypnotist and hypnotherapist, PhD in psychology and more. I am also a published book author, featured articles in traditional print magazines and have been interviewed on numerous radio shows and podcasts as well as on TV.
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Coaching - Advanced

Hypnotherapy - Advanced

Psychology - Advanced

Fitness instructor - Advanced

Entrepreneurship - Intermediate

Goal Setting - Advanced

Life Coach - Advanced

Executive Coaching - Advanced

Granada Hills, CA
Posted 2 years ago

Are you a frustrated executive, professional or business owner that wants high performance? Are you looking to improve your performance in your life? Would you...

Posted 2 years ago

The health of your physical body will dictate the health of your business. If you want to rise and be better, then getting and staying fit is one of the keys. I...

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