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Steven Piessens

Málaga, Spain | Member since March 20, 2017
Hi there! Since 2010, I'm a self-employed consultant with a strong track record in business strategy and digital marketing and communications. I create integrated growth marketing solutions that are capable of executing with limited external resources. Today, I'm working from sunny Málaga for fast-growing companies in the Benelux, the UK, Scandinavia, Spain, US California... Clients appreciate my strategic marketing and PR advice for managers and marketers in innovative SMBs, startups and marketing agencies. I'm known as a trusted coach, keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a precious network of freelance designers, developers and senior experts. Analytic, well thought-out and straight on approach, that's me. My inspiration? Cicero wrote de Oratore in 50 BC, a true masterpiece of rhetoric and a great source of inspiration. He knew it's not only about technique. You also need principles, methods and ethics. Today, his ideas on relevance, transparency and authenticity are still guiding principles for the modern entrepreneur, marketer and PR professional. If you're looking for an experienced advisor in business marketing or PR, get in touch!
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Málaga, Spain
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