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Lee von Kraus

Brooklyn, NY | Member since March 27, 2017
Mentor @Techstars @Urban-X @Futureworks @Startup Institute @Protohack Founder @Halo Neuroscience @Nebulab NYC Wired, Newsweek, TechCrunch, Sports Illustrated, BBC, MoMA, The New Yorker, IEEE Spectrum Noted. Conducted research alongside DARPA, NASA, and the US EPA, and written multiple biotechnology patents, which form the basis of Halo Neuroscience, a company I cofounded in 2012. Based in SF, Halo has since raised over 10 million in funding and released a first of its kind device which improves human cognition and motor abilities, and is currently in use by US Special Forces. In 2014, I founded Nebulab NYC, a Brooklyn based, privately funded laboratory conducting pioneering research in neuropsychology and cybernetics. As a mentor at Techstars, Urban-X, Startup Institute, and Protohack, I help startups and individuals work around problems, refine ideas, and reach goals. Certified in sea and wilderness rescue, and as an ice diver, wreck diver, and mixed gas diver; In 2013 I assisted NASA in SCUBA search and recovery of organisms exhibiting evidence of unique photosynthetic mechanisms, and in 2016 was accepted as crew for a late-2018-slated research expedition at FIU / NASA's underwater Aquarius Base. In collaboration with Ninth Wave Global, currently planning an early-2018-slated Antarctic research expedition to study group psychology under extreme conditions, and effects of international encroachment on the continent. Finally, I'm proud to currently be training as a firefighter for the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Dept.
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Brooklyn, NY
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