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Adrienn Jung

Nottingham, United Kingdom | Member since April 01, 2017
I am currently a first year student studying for an integrated masters degree in mathematics at Loughborough University. I am on track to receive a second class degree. I especially enjoy pure mathematics because I find the concepts and their inter-relations interesting, even though it can sometimes be challenging at first. I thrive on working hard and enjoy the thrill of analysing a difficult problem. Besides studying maths I like going out with friends, going to the gym and playing handball. I also used to play the piano and the guitar but due to other commitments I do not play any instruments regularly any more.
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Skills & Experience

Mechanics - Intermediate

Mathematics - Advanced

Statistics - Intermediate

Job Application - Novice

Logic - Intermediate

Maths Tuition - Advanced

Hiring - Intermediate

Tutor Online - Intermediate

Calculations - Advanced

Calculator - Advanced

Calculus - Intermediate

Spanish - Novice

German - Novice

Hungarian - Advanced

Piano - Intermediate

Guitar - Novice

Gym - Intermediate

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Languages and Linguistics

Beginners Hungarian

Posted 2 years ago

Hungary and especially its capital city, Budapest, are becoming more and more popular amongst young tourists due to its beautiful architecture and it being one...

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