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Andrea Raquel

Atlanta, GA, United States | Member since April 02, 2017
I started in retail which led to banking with a brief stop in the military as an Announcer and Public Affairs Specialist. Have spoke before crowds of 30k+ and have had as many as 2000 live listeners to online talk show. A Jack of All Trades. But have chosen to master customer service, human resources, team development, leadership and organizational strategy. The rest is just the things that make me love what I do, good at what I do, and skilled at helping others do what they want to do. Setting the example to educate, train and support entrepreneurs, artists, brands, causes, and social media marketers. To close the gap of education, training and resources that exists as barriers to entry for many would be success stories.
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Skills & Experience

Public Relations - Advanced

Strategic Planning - Advanced

Business Development - Advanced

Physical Fitness - Advanced

Executive Coaching - Advanced

Wellness - Advanced

Autism - Advanced

Change Management - Advanced

Lifeskills - Advanced

Reputation Management - Advanced

Health, Nutrition & Fitness - Advanced

Home Organization - Advanced

Financial Management - Advanced

Social Media Training - Advanced

Social Media Strategy - Advanced

Social Networking - Advanced

Art - Intermediate

Spanish - Novice

Psychology - Advanced

Food Consultancy - Advanced

Nutrition - Advanced

Career Advice - Advanced

Auditing - Advanced

Banking - Advanced

Relationship Advice - Advanced

Counselling - Advanced

Meditation - Advanced

Media Relations - Advanced

Twitter Management - Advanced

Facebook Management - Advanced

Linkedin - Advanced

Broadcast - Advanced

Speaking - Advanced

Voice Overs - Advanced

Growth - Advanced

Online Training - Advanced

Technical Support - Advanced

Relationship Advice - Advanced

Brand Development - Advanced

Beauty - Advanced

Shopping - Advanced

Real Estate - Advanced

Aerobics - Advanced

Dance - Advanced

Conflict Resolution - Advanced

Goal Setting - Advanced

Cooking & Recipes - Advanced

Community Management - Advanced

Communications - Advanced

Diy - Advanced

Atlanta, GA, United States
Posted 2 years ago

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Posted 2 years ago

Living sugar-free is a lifestyle and an approach to better yourself from the inside-out. This class is a beginner’s guide to understanding the fundamentals of l...

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