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Kevin Driscoll

Boston | Member since April 03, 2017
Have you ever worked with dummies? My ventriloquist dummies and I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Simply provide us with the key talking points and we’ll develop an edutainment program especially designed for you or your customers. Then our dummies and I will perform the program as you deem appropriate. “We learn better when we laugh™”. My dummies can wear your client’s corporate T-Shirts if they have anything available in size 4T with their logo - We provide musical ventriloquist comedy and edutainment for corporations…. and optional quiet background jazz for events throughout New England. See our DriscollProductions videos or youtube or search the web or fb for DriscollEdutainment
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Posted 1 year ago

Can you talk? Almost anyone can become a ventriloquist! This introductory course will teach you, step-by-step, revealing the secrets to this amazing and rewardi...

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