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Peyton DeShazo

Jonesboro, AR, United States | Member since April 03, 2017
I am currently studying Chemistry (physical and organic) and Statistics at Arkansas State University. I have placed an emphasis on Pre-Health Professions in my studies as I am pursuing a career in pharmacy. Since my studies cover a broad range of the maths and sciences, I can tutor anything math or science related up to the undergraduate level. I am most fluent in Calculus (1, 2, and 3), Physics (General or University 1 and 2) and Chemistry (General 1 and 2, and Organic 1), but I also have plenty of experience in Applied Statistics, Algebra, Cell Biology, Animal Biology, and Human Anatomy. I have always had trouble learning from what a teacher lectures about in class, so over the past year I have taken the most useful aspects of lectures, textbooks, and online videos and articles in order to create the simplest and most relatable way to learn (understand, not just memorize) math and science.
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Jonesboro, AR, United States
Posted 2 years ago

In this class, I will help others learn the topics covered in every Calculus 1 (or AP Calculus) class. This class is set up in a way to prepare students for Cal...

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