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Richard Curtis

Southampton | Member since April 05, 2017
Richard Daniel Curtis is an internationally renowned behaviour expert and futurist passionate about helping millions understand mindset and psychology. The former teacher is known for his impact with turning round some of the most extreme behaviours and is consulted about adults and children around the globe. His work with children alone is said to have personally influenced the lives of over half a million and works to help people understand and communicate better with each other. Richard is passionate about preparing people for the future, often being asked to talk about things that can be done today to ensure the human race is prepared for the challenges it faces in the next generation. He has appeared on TV, radio and in newspapers talking about international news stories and is an experienced and entertaining speaker. He has founded The Mentoring School, a professional development training team to help people supporting children, young people, young adults, refugees, apprentices, sports coaches, business leaders and more. Richard is also the founder of multi-award winning special needs support service The Root Of It. Author of The Curtis Scale, a tool to assess the social and emotional development of children, Richard’s work has had an impact in 5 continents. He has written 9 books, including Gratitude at Home, Gratitude in Primary Schools, Gratitude in Secondary Schools and Higher Education, The Parent’s Guide to the Modern World, The Young Person’s Guide to the Modern World, 101 Tips for Parents, 101 More Tips for Parents and 101 Behaviour Tips for Parents; he has also co-authored Boosting Positive Mental Health in Teens with children’s life coach Naomi Richards.
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