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Scott Herbst, Ph.D.

Chicago, IL | Member since April 05, 2017
Scott is a behavioral scientist and founder of SixFlex Training & Consulting, which helps leaders create and maintain great cultures, where people are accountable, productive, engaged, and happy. We work with growing companies to align performance and culture with strategic outcomes. Grounded in decades of research in behavioral psychology and organizational systems, we offer strategic planning and alignment, executive coaching, and leadership development training and consultation. Our approach starts from the fact that everyone already has some knowledge of the laws of performance, just as everyone has some knowledge of the laws of physics. You use laws of physics every time you walk up stairs, or toss someone your keys. Your knowledge works for those situations. However, if you wanted to get to the moon, you'd need a much deeper understanding. The laws of performance are the same way. Your knowledge will get you what it has gotten you; it won't get you to the moon. SixFlex will help you get to the moon.
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Chicago, IL
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