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Jason Kraus

Boston, MA, United States | Member since April 06, 2017
“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”- Michael Jordan Jason Kraus has a background in Venture Capital, a Master's in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College, and a passion for startups and innovation. He is active in the Boston Startup scene and is a co-founder of several companies under the mission of "Startups Helping Startups." As the Founder and Lead Consultant of Prepare 4 VC, Jason helps entrepreneurs research, create and design all of their fundraising materials for their early stage investment rounds. This includes work on business plans, pitch decks, financial projections, applications to Angel Groups, Crowdfunding campaigns and more. As the Director of Venture Capital for Equity Venture Partners, Jason helps select innovative early stage startups to present to a growing platform of Angel Investors. The company runs monthly webcast presentations modeled after an Angel Group, with 3-4 startups and real estate deals given 10 minutes to presenter to investors with 5 minutes of Q&A and direct connections for follow up, due dilligence and investment. As a Co-Founder of ImpactSeeker, Jason helps startups market their companies to customers and gain a support network for crowdfunding. The site allows users to discover, rate, share and support startups that matter to them. Interested in learning more? Send me a LinkedIn message or contact request with a personal note and I will be happy to chat
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Business Plan Writing - Advanced

Pitch - Advanced

Powerpoint Presentation - Advanced

Financial Projections - Advanced

Entrepreneurship - Advanced

Boston, MA, United States
Posted 2 years ago

Jason Kraus, the founder and lead consultant for Prepare 4 VC will take you in depth into a hands-on interactive course as we dive into your company and taking...

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