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David Paradise

Lille, France | Member since April 06, 2017
Hello, my name is David I am a retired Australian Special Forces Soldier with a history in cuisine, travel, business and teaching/ lecturing. I currently live in Metropolitan Lille France with my wife and 6yo son. I have been actively teaching for over 7 years now and have taught at all levels of education from day care right through to university and private households in multiple countries including Australia, Philippines and France. I have successfully pioneered a break through curriculum program (#leadmeprogram on fb) which is now in over 400 schools (110,000+ studetns) in Melbourne Australia. It has also been pioneered in a primary school in Davao Philippines, A day care, several homes and a university in Lille France. Currently I am employed as an English Lecturer at a leading tech university in Valenciennes France and also teaching English as a second language to private households. My areas of mastery include mindset training, business development, travel consultancy and trouble shooting, most levels of hospitality, mentoring, linguistics in English, Dutch, German and some French.
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Skills & Experience

English (uk) - Advanced

English Grammar - Advanced

English Lessons Online - Advanced

English Spelling - Advanced

English Lessons - Advanced

English Teacher - Advanced

English Tutor Online - Advanced

English Tuition - Advanced

English Tutor - Advanced

Travel Arrangements - Advanced

Travel Booking - Intermediate

Travel Guide - Intermediate

Security Testing - Advanced

Security Audit - Intermediate

Mentoring - Advanced

Mentor - Advanced

Property Photography - Intermediate

School - Advanced

Linguistics - Intermediate

Consultant - Advanced

Business Branding - Intermediate

Business Advice - Intermediate

Business Card Designer - Advanced

Business Consultancy - Intermediate

Business Card Printing - Advanced

Lille, France
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