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Igor Ladessa

São Paulo Area, Brazil | Member since April 11, 2017
I have been working as a mobile developer for over 6 years. In this period I had the opportunity to develop more than 15 iOS projects, 2 android apps, 2 hybrid apps with HTML5, among other projects. I worked in 2 startups, where I was able to learn how to turn around the structure of a small company, where it is necessary not only to exercise its specialty but also to program for other platforms.  At All Apps, I led a technical team. I had the opportunity to understand a little about the challenges of managing and training a team.  At S2IT, a medium-sized company with well-defined structure and processes, I was able to learn a lot. Currently, I work in the Central Office of C & A participating in the development of the company's corporate applications. Company in which I take great pride in working. I always strive to evolve technically to face ever greater challenges. Link to some projects: IOS: Demarest - Eu Vi- Lupa no Voto - Agenda Poker - CLippingBMS - Code Couple - Unifil QCA - FNP - Frente Nacional de Prefeitos- Royal Palm Plaza - Pare Aqui -http: // Controle.Se Free - Http:// Controle.Se - Http:// Android: Eu Vi Https://
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São Paulo Area, Brazil

iOS Mentoring

Posted 2 years ago

Class for help new iOS developers. If you want to get start with iOS or are new in iOS development and need a direction in your journey, I can help you teaching...

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