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Igor Ladessa

São Paulo Area, Brazil | Member since April 11, 2017
I have been working as a mobile developer for over 6 years. In this period I had the opportunity to develop more than 15 iOS projects, 2 android apps, 2 hybrid apps with HTML5, among other projects. I worked in 2 startups, where I was able to learn how to turn around the structure of a small company, where it is necessary not only to exercise its specialty but also to program for other platforms.  At All Apps, I led a technical team. I had the opportunity to understand a little about the challenges of managing and training a team.  At S2IT, a medium-sized company with well-defined structure and processes, I was able to learn a lot. Currently, I work in the Central Office of C & A participating in the development of the company's corporate applications. Company in which I take great pride in working. I always strive to evolve technically to face ever greater challenges. Link to some projects: IOS: Demarest - Eu Vi- Lupa no Voto - Agenda Poker - CLippingBMS - Code Couple - Unifil QCA - FNP - Frente Nacional de Prefeitos- Royal Palm Plaza - Pare Aqui -http: // Controle.Se Free - Http:// Controle.Se - Http:// Android: Eu Vi Https://
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São Paulo Area, Brazil

iOS Mentoring

Posted 11 months ago

Class for help new iOS developers. If you want to get start with iOS or are new in iOS development and need a direction in your journey, I can help you teaching...

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