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Kimberly Wiefling, M.S.

San Francisco Bay Area | Member since April 11, 2017
Management isn't Leadership & a Group of People isn't the same as a Team. WorkSHOCK Facilitator Enabling Breakthrough Business Results for Globalizing Companies. I help organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. I've led product development teams involving over 100 people to launch complex products that were a combination of hardware, software, firmware. I know what it takes to get things done in teams in the real business world. I do keynotes, coaching & facilitation. I lead intensive behavior-changing workshops [I call them “workSHOCKS(TM)”] that directly translate into business results. I have a proven track record helping globalizing Japanese companies overcome roadblocks and make painful, yet necessary, changes. * My work is especially helpful in post-M&A integration, and with teams that are fragmented and unable to work together effectively. . . . AND when we work together it will be tough, BUT FUN! My SUPERPOWER is to help organizations achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. The secret to success? It isn't secret! But it does take discipline, and a bit of guidance and support. The best compliment anyone ever paid me is that I'm a “force of nature” (the good kind!). EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is the result of PURPOSEFUL WORK in an environment of TRUST, not free lunches and other perks. Personally, I strongly believe that our best hope for the future lies in helping global companies solve our problems - profitably, and thus sustainably. GLOBAL TEAMS: We help "groups of people" rapidly become "true teams", so that they can achieve what would be impossible for any individual acting alone. MY CLIENTS: I mainly consult with Silicon Valley companies and globalizing Japanese companies, facilitating intensive global leadership workshops for cross-cultural teams.
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San Francisco Bay Area
Business Coach & Mentor

Turning Managers Into Leaders

Posted 2 years ago

Management isn't Leadership. Both are important to business success, but leadership is far more rare. Leadership isn't position in an organization chart or a ti...

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