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Keith Beasley

Bangor, United Kingdom | Member since April 12, 2017

Keith brings to his sessions a unique blend of intellectual rigour, intuitive flow . . . and practical common sense. He recognises that personal and professional development can rarely be separated from a deeper, inner need to become more whole, fulfilled. Whatever your specific need, Keith will help you tease out what it is you really need to do, encourage & enable you to do it . . . and provide the necessary tools to help you. After 17 years as Quality & Reliability Manager in state-of-the-art electronics research and development, Keith retrained as an holistic health practitioners and Life Guide, eventually running retreats in the Algarve, Portugal. In 2008 he received a PhD for a unique study on the human potential for enhanced consciousness: a state of mind, obtainable by anyone, that helps us reconnect to our highest wisdom . . . and our deeply fulfilled self.

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Bangor, United Kingdom
Posted 10 months ago

Always rushed? Never enough time to do everything that needs to be done? This session provides a unique and powerful approach to 'time management' that encourag...

Posted 10 months ago

Do you have powerful experiences that you don't understand? Some call them peak experiences or mystical, or maybe spiritual or religious . . although they can o...

Personal Transformation

Beyond Thought - an introduction

Posted 7 months ago

Any meaningful journey of personal transformation begins with admitting that 'there must be more to life'. Sometimes this is triggered by a profound experience,...

Life Coach

What is Reiki?

Posted 7 months ago

You may think that Usui Reiki is just another complementary/alternative/holistic therapy . . . well. it's far more than that! It's a whole new, natural and heal...

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