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Keith Beasley

Bangor, United Kingdom | Member since April 12, 2017

Keith brings to his sessions a unique blend of intellectual rigour, intuitive flow . . . and practical common sense. He recognises that personal and professional development can rarely be separated from a deeper, inner need to become more whole, fulfilled. Whatever your specific need, Keith will help you tease out what it is you really need to do, encourage & enable you to do it . . . and provide the necessary tools to help you. After 17 years as Quality & Reliability Manager in state-of-the-art electronics research and development, Keith retrained as an holistic health practitioners and Life Guide, eventually running retreats in the Algarve, Portugal. In 2008 he received a PhD for a unique study on the human potential for enhanced consciousness: a state of mind, obtainable by anyone, that helps us reconnect to our highest wisdom . . . and our deeply fulfilled self.

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Bangor, United Kingdom
Posted 2 years ago

Always rushed? Never enough time to do everything that needs to be done? This session provides a unique and powerful approach to 'time management' that encourag...

Posted 2 years ago

Do you have powerful experiences that you don't understand? Some call them peak experiences or mystical, or maybe spiritual or religious . . although they can o...

Personal Transformation

Beyond Thought - an introduction

Posted 2 years ago

Any meaningful journey of personal transformation begins with admitting that 'there must be more to life'. Sometimes this is triggered by a profound experience,...

Life Coach

What is Reiki?

Posted 2 years ago

You may think that Usui Reiki is just another complementary/alternative/holistic therapy . . . well. it's far more than that! It's a whole new, natural and heal...

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