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Mikhail Kotykhov

Tokyo, Japan | Member since April 12, 2017
I am interested in expanding my professional network. My expertise is in: - Helping business professionals improve their communication skills - Promoting innovative thinking and entrepreneurship - International marketing - Designing market entry strategies for technology companies - Cross-cultural communication. EDUCATION PROJECTS I design online learning communities that help people around the world improve skills they need in professional communication. All learning communities I design are: - Customized to the needs of specific professional groups. One size doesn't fit all. - Focused on results and improvement. Every learning exercise should have a meaningful outcome. I teach communication skills to managers of multinational companies in Japan. I teach Business and Economics to College students. Also, I design individual career plans for students and help them improve their professional skills. MARKET ENTRY FOR TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES I utilize my knowledge/skills, marketing experience and my professional network (in Asian countries, Russia/CIS and elsewhere) to develop effective market entry strategies for technology companies and startups. ABOUT ME I am originally from Krasnodar, Russia, started my business career in the Central Bank of Russia. Later, I did my MBA in Auckland, New Zealand and worked there as a marketer, business developer and a University lecturer. Now I live and work in Tokyo, Japan. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONNECT WITH ME
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Tokyo, Japan
International Markets

Cross-cultural communication

Posted 2 years ago

How do we adjust your communication styles when dealing with people from different cultures? How can you communicate more effectively with people who don't spea...

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