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Mehran Hatami

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran | Member since April 17, 2017
A JavaScript enthusiast and senior full stack web developer with more than 12 years of experience, specialized in HTML5 APIs and advanced JavaScript libraries, frameworks and platforms such as AngularJS, BackboneJS, MarionetteJS, EmberJS, jQuery, ExtJS and also NodeJS and MEAN stack. My current technology concern revolves around Angular 2.0 which could be used along with TypeScript as a migrating plan from Angular 1.x. I started programming when I was just 13 years old, with a C++ background, passionate about dealing with mathematics algorithms. In my first official role as a web developer I got involved in a cross-platform search engine project, as a JavaScript developer and it became a turning point in my career as a JavaScript expert. As a library author I have experience creating or contributing to couple of JavaScript libraries and frameworks: - DefineJS is a lightweight implementation of AMD module format. - A client-side formula engine with a FRP (Functional reactive programming) approach. - A SOAP web service data binding helper with a kind of MVW pattern. Together with my experience as a JavaScript expert, I have also been playing my role as a technical consultant, to provide a proper stack based on latest cutting edge technology trends. Now it is like 2 years that I am providing front-end development courses and JavaScript lessons as a JavaScript expert. Besides all of these engagements, I really like to be active in StackOverflow as much as I get time for it.
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JavaScript - Advanced

Node.js - Advanced

Html Css - Advanced

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Posted 2 years ago

In this workshop we are going to use React.js with Universal Router( and Express.js to build a simple JavaScript ap...

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