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Yousuf Tilly

Johannesburg | Member since April 18, 2017
Hi, I'm a pen-for-hire and have helped people use good communications to entertain, make business proposals, get money, market their products and manage their staff. I've been a practicing artist and writer for over a decade and can advise you on many storytelling methods that suit your style of writing and the product you're trying to create. I've published fiction books, articles and non-fiction. I can help you get smart about the publishing process, graphics and print which all support publishing a good product. I've also served as a marketing executive and recommend developing a clear vision for your writing. I'm busy on my second fiction book and am happy to discuss any storytelling challenges you're having, at whatever stage of writing you're at.
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Skills & Experience

Creative writing

Creative Storytelling

Posted 2 years ago

Got a book in you? Get to writing it with clear direction on conceptualizing your story, its characters and themes. Ten fast track the writing process with free...

Posted 2 years ago

Writing a non-fiction book? Quickly make sense of your research, conceptualize a book that fits your audience's needs, and structure your writing with proven me...

Presentation and Pitch Techniques

Business Presentations

Posted 2 years ago

Want to get your idea across effectively? Whether you're pitching an idea, trying to get funding, landing your next client or establishing a strategic alliance,...

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