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Alfred Wong

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Member since April 18, 2017
I am Alfred, and I am a tutor/writer at Nerd of Passion (Check out to find out more!); and also the demonstrator of Melbourne Uni first year physics lab classes. I am looking to hold group lessons in 2017 to nurture the next generation's finest and passionate intellects! I graduated from High School back in 2012 with an ATAR of 99.55; and believe it or not I did not lock myself in my room and study 10 hours a day. Achieving academic excellence is a lot more than just simply grinding everyday, it's all about having the right mindset, passion and willpower. I studied in my own time with enjoyment, and the results just came naturally. I completed my Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics/Mathematical Physics this year, and currently doing my Masters in Physics part-time at Melbourne University, researching in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. I'm deeply passionate about physics, always figuring out the little secrets of the universe and uncovering the deep laws that govern everything around us. I love doing physics so much I'd like to say "Physics is my girlfriend".
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Posted 2 years ago

Taught by a current Masters student in Physics actively researching in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, a highly experienced tutor and a current physics la...

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