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Jermaine Edwards

London, United Kingdom | Member since April 18, 2017
Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m Jermaine. I help Key account managers, key account directors, sales managers and consultants serving B2B clients discover the hidden principles and strategies needed to create predictable sales growth from their key customers and deepen their client relationships. I’m excited to show you how. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT 84% of key account management plans fail every year. You need the knowledge of the behaviours needed to win consistently and the framework to replicate that success with every client. WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? I’ve helped hundreds of account managers and companies like Speak First, Roche, Gartner and Dale Carnegie produce results that drive profitable client relationships and repeatable sales growth. •Helped deliver 10,000% growth for a Chinese manufacturing company. 6 figures in revenue in Europe to more than 2.5 million in 8 months. •Helped clinical sales reps at Roche grow existing customer sales by 22% over quarter in first 90 days of applying the skills adding 1.5 million to top line revenue. WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SAID “The most I’ve paid for I Immediately saw a difference in my customer conversations” – Bernadette O'Mahoney “After your talk and training with the senior team there is a definite positive feeling about the future of our division...”. – European Regional manager Roche My programmes bridge the gap to understanding and applying the behaviours and framework for repeatable success in your key account conversations. SKILLS YOU CAN TRUST ME WITH: Sales, Account management, key account management training, global account management, Key Account Management, Key Account Development, Customer Growth, customer success, customer relationship management, account management training.
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London, United Kingdom
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Get out of the social media trap and learn the five unbeatable strategies that top LinkedIn experts use to grow sales and relationships. Principles obvious to s...

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