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Ari Zelmanow

Richmond, Virginia Area | Member since April 18, 2017
The power to transform business comes from understanding and acting on one simple fact - customers are people; not data. Are you confident that you understand people? Why do they react or respond in certain ways? Do you know what your customers think or want? Dr. Zelmanow uses rigorous research techniques, human science, behavioral economics, and cognitive psychology to answer these questions and inspire action. As a seasoned behavioral scientist, cognitive psychologist, consumer insights consultant, and UX/CX researcher, he helps businesses understand the complexities of consumer and human behavior while aligning it to optimal business performance. He brings a holistic understanding of human behavior from practical and academic perspectives - through his work as a metropolitan police detective on the gritty streets of Saint Louis to his tenure studying human behavior and cognition at Lindenwood University. Dr. Zelmanow offers a competitive advantage by: --> Analyzing problems by asking the right questions. --> Using behavioral science to solve business problems. --> Accurately measuring efficiency and effectiveness. --> Creating long-term and meaningful connections that drive engagement, loyalty, and increased revenue. --> Ensuring your brand and/or messaging is received as intended. It makes no sense to speak perfect French to someone who doesn't speak French. Want highly effective and measurable results? Let's connect.
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Richmond, Virginia Area
Posted 2 years ago

This course will help small business learn how to understand, predict, and ethically influence human behavior. Participants will learn a proprietary research me...

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