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Thomas Theiner

Dortmund, Deutschland | Member since April 19, 2017
I am an experienced Software Developer who started to get into the topic more than 30 years ago. I've been working self-employed and as a regular employee for the last 22 years collecting a lot of experience on different areas of IT (including ITIL, Software Testing, Software Architecture). My recent work focusses on JavaScript (browser based and also NodeJS, AngularJS, jQuery) and Java (SE and EE). I have some experience with big clients like banks, insurance companies, mail-order companies, retail companies, European Commission institutions and quite a few medium-sized enterprises. I really like teaching to share my experience and also learn from my students. Teaching always is a mutual win-win situation.
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Skills & Experience

Nodejs - Intermediate

JavaScript + jQuery + Ajax - Advanced

Java - Advanced

AngularJS - Advanced

Angular - Advanced

JavaScript - Advanced

Java Script - Advanced

JavaScript & jQuery - Advanced

Dortmund, Deutschland
Posted 11 months ago

AngularJS has been quite popular for the last 5 years or so. But since July 2016 Angular version 2 (now known as "Just Angular") has emerged into its final vers...

Posted 1 year ago

Currently one of the most sought-after and even one of the best payed job categories is that of a Software Developer. So it is only logical to start learning ab...

Posted 11 months ago

NodeJS is a server side Javascript implementation based on the very reliable V8 engine of Google. Learn how easy it is to set up a web server using NodeJS toget...

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