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Chris Yaren

Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Member since April 24, 2017
Hi Friends! I want to make you feel confident and in control of your numbers. This might mean teaching you some new skills. More often than not, it means that I show you how to use the skills you already have differently or in a new way. I have been in business for nearly two decades. I spent a lot of time in private companies. I had different accounting jobs and worked with all sorts of people: financial, executives, business owners, factory workers, project managers, marketing, HR, I worked with just about everyone!. I had to learn how to communicate financial ideas to non-financial people. Now I am bringing this knowledge to you. I founded Accountifi because I saw an opportunity to help small businesses be more successful. Since a good portion of business success is due to processes that work well, I thought it was time to focus on small business and give them the accounting processes normally reserved for the Fortune500. Part of this journey is teaching business owners the core accounting concepts. Small business owners do what they can with what they have. Sometimes understanding the numbers is something they don't prioritize because of its difficulty. Well, my goal is to make it easy.
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Accounting and Finance

Full Power Blueprint

Posted 2 years ago

Business owners will learn what it takes to operate your business At Full Power. Each module has specific learning objectives. Start applying what you learned i...

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