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Sean Haddad

Houston | Member since April 28, 2017
As both a powerlifter and rock climber, my focus has been to be as strong as possible while being as light as possible. In my efforts to excel in these sports I have mastered how to maximize strength and performance while minimizing fat and excess body weight. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), I know the inner workings of the body and how it relates to the food we eat. Now I am looking to serve YOU by giving you the knowledge and skills I have learned (and earned) through my 10 years of study and practice. In taking my classes, you will learn a great deal of useful knowledge that has power; REAL power, to change your body, health, mind, and your life. You will be armed with the right nutritional knowledge to achieve your goals in easy to digest (pun intended) classes. You will know the fundamental processes and features of the body and how to leverage them for strength and leanness. You will learn how to apply this knowledge through applicable steps, strategies and techniques to get the results YOU are looking for. And you’ll know that all the information I give you is proven both by scientific research and my own tears, blood, and lots and lots of sweat. I look forward to serving you.
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Posted 7 months ago

I'm looking for young mentees who have a strong affinity for self-improvement and desire a mentor to accelerate their personal transformation journeys. I provid...

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