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Michael McMaster

Vancouver, BC, Canada | Member since April 30, 2017
I've been studying and writing about economics for 40+ years. (OK. My pic is few decades old) My introduction was in high school by a quirky economics teacher. He led me into early economic thinkers from the Enlightenment period forward to Austrian economists and insisted on study marxist economics as well. My life interest has been entrepreneurism and free markets as a social systems. The study of economics is a pragmatic matter whether only personal or for business. We'll look at everything from personal economics to business to the social systems of countries. I've studied with the New York libertarian and Austrian circle in Rothbard's day, attended Ludwig Lachmann's private home seminars. I've been published in Reason Magazine and its Canadian "cousin" Rights By Right. I have consulted for decades to large businesses based on Austrian economics and complexity theory from studies at the Santa Fe Institute. I've written a few books and am still engaged in consulting.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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